WiFi Smart Baby Monitor IP Camera With App


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Real-time Video, Watching at Will

Supporting various intelligent terminals, it makes you watch live video anytime, anywhere.

Full-duplex Speech, Enhancing Family Relationship
It supports full-duplex speech, and makes you communicate with your family while watching the video,
then enhances the relationship of your family.

Motion Detection, Real-time Alarm
It supports motion detection and auto-capture dynamic images. After images comparing it would transfer
the alarm message to your smartphone or tablet if it judged that your properties were invaded.

Intelligent videoing, Quick Reviewing
It supports auto-recording, and can quickly locate pictures by timeline.

Sharing Your Exciting Moment to your friends
It supports video picture capture, by which you can share the exciting moment to your friends and family.

P2P Services, Secure and Convenient
Deploying P2P technology, it can establish direct connection between the smart phone and the camera.
To ensure the data security and prevent it from data leak aging, all video pictures are stored locally,
instead of saving in the server.


First : Installation Guide


Please carefully read before installation and follow the instructions. ( P.S: Take the appearance WiFi version for example below.)
Second : User Guide


1.Link to power
Install Clever Dog, and link to power.


2.Install APP
1. Can search “Cleverdog” or “Doby” in APP Store or Google play.


3.Sign up or sign in
Sign Up: Please use Phone number or email as the account in Chinese Mainland, only use email in other regions.


4.Add device
1.Please make sure that your WiFi network is usable.
2.Please make sure the WIFI indicator light is blue and blinking. If not, please press and hold the WIFI button for a few seconds until WIFI indicator light blinks.
3.Android phone: Go to [Clever Dog homepage] and click [+]to search devices around.
4.iOS phone: Go to [Settings]>[WLAN], connect to [DOG-******] using password of [11111111], then go to Clever Dog main pages and click [+] to search nearby devices.


5. Video View
Click the play button of camera to view real time video. At the interface, you can pause, full screen, snap pictures and save them to album, open/close sounds, open/close full-duplex speech, view videos,etc.
Modify the device name : device identification
WiFi Configuration : When your network changed? you need modify the wifi configuration here, please configure by instructions.
Device information : you can look up device information here.
New message notification : Open it, the camera will push new message to your phone.
Security Protection : Open it, it will auto-capture dynamic images and push them to your phone. You can set alarm sounds and time.
Device indicator light : you can close the indicator by Clever Dog client.


Third :Indicator light status


DOG-1W(WiFi ) Indicator light status statements
The power indicator light always being on. Boot/electricity
The WiFi indicator light is blue and blinking Configurable status
The WIFI Indicator light is red and blinking slowly WiFi Connecting
The WiFi Indicator light always being on with blue Normal use
Red light and blue light flash alternatively System upgrading
DOG-3G72(3G) Indicator light status Statements
The power indicator light always being on Boot/electricity
The WiFi indicator light is blue and blinking The Device opend AP mode
The WIFI Indicator light is red and blinking slowly WiFi Connecting
The WiFi Indicator light always being on with blue Normal use
3G indicator light being on 3G card connection normal
3G indicator light being off 3G card connection normal, no card


P.S: When WiFi indicator light is blue and blinking, you can add device and configure WiFi. The indicator light may be slightly different for different models.


YouTube Demo :



1. Does it come with battery ?

 No, this model has no inbuilt battery. You can purchase a solar powerbank, 5V DC UPS  or 3GWifi Hotspot Powerbank from our store if non-mains power is required.

2. Does it work with GSM network ?

 No, this model does not use SIM card. You need a  Wifi Hostspot to watch videos online. Your phone and the camera both need to connect to a 3rd device : a wifi hotspot

3. Why cant the app connect to the camera ?


At the back of the camera is a CID number eg 610000…10x . Please change your WiFi hotspot SSID to match the last 6 digits eg DOG-00010x


4. Its connected but I cant see the video. Why ?


You need a very strong WiFi network to view the realtime videos. 512kbps network speed is recommended.


5. Can I use it without WiFi ?


Yes, you can initialize a memory card on it and set it to record videos for playback later.


6. Can I set this up myself ?

A basic knowledge of wireless networking is useful, but if you chat with us before buying, we can configure it for you before shipping if you prefer it that way. 


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24 Months & Up

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