Universal Chef AC Guard – Surge Protector


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Appliances such as air-conditioning and refrigeration units are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by low voltage ‘brownouts’. With the A/C Guard, your equipment is protected against all power fluctuations: over-voltage as well as low voltage, spikes, surges, power back surges and power fluctuations. Part of Sollatek’s highly versatile Voltshield Range which uses the Sollatek Switcher technology, the A/C Guard switches off the air-conditioner instantly when a power problem occurs, reconnecting it only once the mains supply has stabilised. Simple installation – complete peace of mind The A/C Guard is easily installed by an electrician and suitable for use with all air-conditioners, including split units, as well as industrial refrigeration equipment. Konga brings you the best products at the lowest prices online with nationwide delivery.

  • Sollatek AC Guard | Surge Protector | 25Amps
  • Light indicators “Off, Wait, On”
  • Automatic protection against: Low, High voltage, spikes and surges
  • Intelligent time delay, protection against power back surges
  • Circuit breaker, protection against short circuit and over-load
  • Single phase, direct wiring for extra security
  • Eliminates the need to switch Off and On appliances all the time
  • It automatically disconnects power during excessive voltage


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